Saturday, December 19, 2009


What is life if those you cherish and love are not there to share it with you?

To share with you those priceless moments in time

What is life when the maxim…..

“Out of sight is out of mind” is applied to you.

How painful, is it that when you needed those cheers, smiles, encouragement and wishes

They were yet wanting

Even from your loved ones

Oh how the tables have turned against us.

Oh how more heart rending is it,

That when you thought that love is reciprocal,

Fate turned around and gave you a big blow,

Such that those you showed love failed to express same to you.

My angel, it is really painful that your thoughtfulness was not reciprocated

Vis-à-vis the commemoration of your day of birth

As much as you did think of mine.

You may be justified in your thinking

As one call to show how much care

And love and respect someone has towards you might have made the day,

But lo! It was absent.

You mean so much

Even in the brief moment we shared together

You have left indelible prints on my life

That I will live to reminiscent the beauty of your kindness.

Words cannot say it all,

But on days as these we should take time to recount the memories of the past

And to weigh ourselves on life’s balancing scale

And ask……..” how far”?

To many people you mean many things

But to me the two decades you have lived have been invested

In making life a joyful and beautiful experience for others

I take off my hat for you,

The child of a second decade

I wish you all the best of life, love, happiness, goodness and great heights

Keep keeping on and keep moving (forward oh!)

Written in honor of a treasured friend. July 2005


What a creation!

Yet the creator beholds them all and says they are good!

The root of many’s fall

The gift that causes ruin.

Is that sexuality?

It is expressed in different ways and manner

Men and women having varied media of expression

Most times the most heralded are the base expressions

The crudest means are the most celebrated

Oh! What a gift.

Women express theirs in ludicrous ways

Through barely or lightly covered cleavages they call for attention

Through skirts way above the knee, they call for prodding eyes

Through tight tops, they shout without words

See these pair, catch a glimpse of nature’s gift.

Men express theirs in even more complicated means

They throw dough at the women and get them crawling

They speak words engraved with deceit, yet seducing women

They hide behind shadows to catch a glimpse of her nudity

Oh! What wreckage lies between the legs?

Does the creator of man truly love?

Why give us a gift that would cause so much harm?

You charge the godly unmarried man to preserve this gift

Waiting for that woman to whom alone he is worthy of conjugal union

Oh! What a duel, in which your enemy has more sophisticated weaponry.

Now I understand the mystery of humanity

Now I can catch a glimpse of his intent

Now I comprehend the theology found in John 15

Where the young and handsome son of the creator said

“Cut off from me, you can do NOTHING”.

Our adversary is stronger, our enemy is mightier,

Each new day he re-invents more base means of expressing sexuality

He created pornography and made it seem both enjoyable and profitable

He created indecency and called it fashion

He created fornication and called it love-making.

Where can you go to hide from the reality of his invention?

In God we can find a Shelter.

The road to this shelter may be covered with thorns and twists

To walk this road you must wear: discipline, self-control and perseverance

Oh! So there is still respite.

When next your adversary comes,

Claded in his manifold forms: pornography, indecency, lust, fornication

Do not stand to fight, because by strength you cannot prevail

Run to the shelter where the creator of your adversary

Would stand and fight this fight with you.

Gracias, the walk of moral rectitude and chastity is a tiring one

Though you fall, you must rise and keep walking.


Sometimes I am lost in wonder amazed

How men live each passing moment

As though the next would never come

What a pitiful state mankind exists in.

They drink every strong liquor

Alcohol never passes them by

They gulp down passionately as though their lives depend on it

What hopelessness!

The glory of chastity has been demystified

The beauty of fidelity has been traded for ashes

The virtue of virginity, a dignified and unfathomable mystery

What value is left in mankind?

Womanhood has lost her glory,

The images of glory that once entrapped man of womanhood

All lost to the speed of technology and fashion

What a shame!

The discipline that, once men were Claded in, a passing illusion

He bemoans the debasement of womanhood, and yet contributes to its fall

He throws money at her and commands the narcissism out of her

Poor women, how many of them can resist?

I dream of a world where mankind walks with honor

Where women walk tall with pride, honor and self-dignity

A world order where all men are committed to inexplicable integrity

Then and only then can the world come close to the purpose of its creation.

Written while thinking of how low men and women alike have reduced the standard of values and uprightness. 10 September, 2009.


In all areas of human perambulation

In all spheres of homo sapience sojourn

In all circles of life’s endeavors

The rod has a place.

In career, the rod is needed to ensure

Accuracy is not submerged under the canopy of speed

You need the rod to ensure that sleep is taken

Only after work is completed and not because it is night

In the academia, the rod is needed to arrive at the pinnacle of excellence

To break the ice of incompetence and lack of idea

To stand tall among peers and be distinguished

The spicing ingredient is the rod.

In relationships, the rod is that scepter that strikes a balance,

Character and virtue is not traded on the platform of beauty and vanity

The glory and sacrosanctity of fidelity is not traded for reckless sexual habit

The joy of purity and moral rectitude ranked high above lust and vain passions.

In Christianity, the rod is the sword

Striking and piercing to the point where the joints and bone marrow meets

The point within where the vagaries of life cannot reach without a pass

The rod ensures grace is not trodden under the feet of sin.

The rod is discipline as is seen in the Shepherd’s psalm

The rod ensures long-term values are not traded for short-term bliss

It is the cruelest teacher with the heart of a mother

May I be patient enough to be instructed under your tutorship and carried in the peace

Of your womb; for my birth would be in the realms of glory.

Written when I placed a question-mark on my discipline, losing it to passing joy.