Saturday, December 19, 2009


Sometimes I am lost in wonder amazed

How men live each passing moment

As though the next would never come

What a pitiful state mankind exists in.

They drink every strong liquor

Alcohol never passes them by

They gulp down passionately as though their lives depend on it

What hopelessness!

The glory of chastity has been demystified

The beauty of fidelity has been traded for ashes

The virtue of virginity, a dignified and unfathomable mystery

What value is left in mankind?

Womanhood has lost her glory,

The images of glory that once entrapped man of womanhood

All lost to the speed of technology and fashion

What a shame!

The discipline that, once men were Claded in, a passing illusion

He bemoans the debasement of womanhood, and yet contributes to its fall

He throws money at her and commands the narcissism out of her

Poor women, how many of them can resist?

I dream of a world where mankind walks with honor

Where women walk tall with pride, honor and self-dignity

A world order where all men are committed to inexplicable integrity

Then and only then can the world come close to the purpose of its creation.

Written while thinking of how low men and women alike have reduced the standard of values and uprightness. 10 September, 2009.

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