Saturday, December 19, 2009


In all areas of human perambulation

In all spheres of homo sapience sojourn

In all circles of life’s endeavors

The rod has a place.

In career, the rod is needed to ensure

Accuracy is not submerged under the canopy of speed

You need the rod to ensure that sleep is taken

Only after work is completed and not because it is night

In the academia, the rod is needed to arrive at the pinnacle of excellence

To break the ice of incompetence and lack of idea

To stand tall among peers and be distinguished

The spicing ingredient is the rod.

In relationships, the rod is that scepter that strikes a balance,

Character and virtue is not traded on the platform of beauty and vanity

The glory and sacrosanctity of fidelity is not traded for reckless sexual habit

The joy of purity and moral rectitude ranked high above lust and vain passions.

In Christianity, the rod is the sword

Striking and piercing to the point where the joints and bone marrow meets

The point within where the vagaries of life cannot reach without a pass

The rod ensures grace is not trodden under the feet of sin.

The rod is discipline as is seen in the Shepherd’s psalm

The rod ensures long-term values are not traded for short-term bliss

It is the cruelest teacher with the heart of a mother

May I be patient enough to be instructed under your tutorship and carried in the peace

Of your womb; for my birth would be in the realms of glory.

Written when I placed a question-mark on my discipline, losing it to passing joy.

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