Saturday, December 19, 2009


What is life if those you cherish and love are not there to share it with you?

To share with you those priceless moments in time

What is life when the maxim…..

“Out of sight is out of mind” is applied to you.

How painful, is it that when you needed those cheers, smiles, encouragement and wishes

They were yet wanting

Even from your loved ones

Oh how the tables have turned against us.

Oh how more heart rending is it,

That when you thought that love is reciprocal,

Fate turned around and gave you a big blow,

Such that those you showed love failed to express same to you.

My angel, it is really painful that your thoughtfulness was not reciprocated

Vis-à-vis the commemoration of your day of birth

As much as you did think of mine.

You may be justified in your thinking

As one call to show how much care

And love and respect someone has towards you might have made the day,

But lo! It was absent.

You mean so much

Even in the brief moment we shared together

You have left indelible prints on my life

That I will live to reminiscent the beauty of your kindness.

Words cannot say it all,

But on days as these we should take time to recount the memories of the past

And to weigh ourselves on life’s balancing scale

And ask……..” how far”?

To many people you mean many things

But to me the two decades you have lived have been invested

In making life a joyful and beautiful experience for others

I take off my hat for you,

The child of a second decade

I wish you all the best of life, love, happiness, goodness and great heights

Keep keeping on and keep moving (forward oh!)

Written in honor of a treasured friend. July 2005

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