Saturday, December 19, 2009


What a creation!

Yet the creator beholds them all and says they are good!

The root of many’s fall

The gift that causes ruin.

Is that sexuality?

It is expressed in different ways and manner

Men and women having varied media of expression

Most times the most heralded are the base expressions

The crudest means are the most celebrated

Oh! What a gift.

Women express theirs in ludicrous ways

Through barely or lightly covered cleavages they call for attention

Through skirts way above the knee, they call for prodding eyes

Through tight tops, they shout without words

See these pair, catch a glimpse of nature’s gift.

Men express theirs in even more complicated means

They throw dough at the women and get them crawling

They speak words engraved with deceit, yet seducing women

They hide behind shadows to catch a glimpse of her nudity

Oh! What wreckage lies between the legs?

Does the creator of man truly love?

Why give us a gift that would cause so much harm?

You charge the godly unmarried man to preserve this gift

Waiting for that woman to whom alone he is worthy of conjugal union

Oh! What a duel, in which your enemy has more sophisticated weaponry.

Now I understand the mystery of humanity

Now I can catch a glimpse of his intent

Now I comprehend the theology found in John 15

Where the young and handsome son of the creator said

“Cut off from me, you can do NOTHING”.

Our adversary is stronger, our enemy is mightier,

Each new day he re-invents more base means of expressing sexuality

He created pornography and made it seem both enjoyable and profitable

He created indecency and called it fashion

He created fornication and called it love-making.

Where can you go to hide from the reality of his invention?

In God we can find a Shelter.

The road to this shelter may be covered with thorns and twists

To walk this road you must wear: discipline, self-control and perseverance

Oh! So there is still respite.

When next your adversary comes,

Claded in his manifold forms: pornography, indecency, lust, fornication

Do not stand to fight, because by strength you cannot prevail

Run to the shelter where the creator of your adversary

Would stand and fight this fight with you.

Gracias, the walk of moral rectitude and chastity is a tiring one

Though you fall, you must rise and keep walking.

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